Tricia Baldes

Tricia is a middle level educator with two decades of experience working in public schools in New York. Her commitment to social action and peace education was nurtured while working in a school district that pioneered a district-wide human rights education initiative. With colleagues, Tricia developed a comprehensive social action classroom curriculum for their 8th graders which served as the inspiration and the basis for Rock Your World. She continues to serve as program coordinator for Rock Your World.

Tricia’s work with Rock Your World has grown over the years, allowing her to collaborate with various organizations and work with fascinating people. Most recently, her love of music and passion for human rights education converged while creating the songwriting lessons for Rock Your World, which have since become a part of Speak Up Sing Out, a contest co-sponsored by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and The Grammy Museum. 

Tricia earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Purchase College and a master’s degree in English from Lehman College. She has led multiple professional development courses and has presented at national conferences. She currently teaches eighth grade English in Somers, NY—each year inspiring a new group of students to become global citizens and 'Rock their World'
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