Megha Kadakia

Prior to Creative Visions Foundation, Megha worked at the Walt Disney Studios as Director of Strategy and Finance, Deloitte Consulting, eForce Consulting and several film production organizations in the capacity of Business Development, Marketing, Public Relations, IT, Finance and Management. She received an MBA from Columbia University, Graduate School of Business and a BioChemistry and Specialization in Business from UCLA.

In 2008, Megha produced and raised financing for an independent, award-winning feature film, Raspberry Magic, a coming-of-age-story of an 11-year old girl, who feels the only way to keep her family together is by winning the science fair. Additionally, she produced a short documentary featuring Lesa Terry and an all women’s orchestra for the World Sacred Music Festival in Los Angeles. Produced and shown in 2008 with a tour beginning in 2009, Megha marketed the ever-popular one-woman solo show, Miss India America, a tragically comedic coming-of-age story.

Megha has extensive experience in Marketing and PR for festivals and art events that span over several years starting from WorldFest ’95 at UCLA. Since then, she has helped produce over ten festivals including most recently, ArtWallah 2008, 2006 and 2005 (South Asian Diasporic Arts Organization) and the 2nd Annual Artivist Film Festival. An avid proponent of art and culture, Megha’s other true passion outside of film involves her dedicated training in Bharata Natyam, classical Indian dance.
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