Kim Brizzolara

Kim Brizzolara is currently producing a narrative feature film with executive producer Martin Scorsese, based on a memoir of a blind hero of the French Resistance; and is involved in the production of several other features and documentaries. She is on the executive board of the Hampton’s International Film Festival, where she created and co-chairs a seven-year-old juried section called Films of Conflict & Resolution; and she is on the board of the We Are Family Foundation. 

Kim has served as a grants-maker for the Threshold Foundation, where she designated funds to non-profit organizations that focused on peace and national security issues; as acting director of the Coexistence Center at Baruch College School of Public Affairs, which focuses on conflict resolution, race relations, ethnic diversity and equity in the academic environment and in the community; as conference coordinator for Economists Allied for Arms Reduction and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights; as a campaign organizer for Mario Cuomo, David Dinkins and Michael Dukakis; as author of numerous policy and position papers, grants proposals and freelance articles.

She was a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and has an MA in Journalism from Boston University.
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