Inessa O-Childs

Inessa Obenhuber is an Angel Investor and business advisor who has years of experience working with companies involved in high technology and healthcare. She is a partner of Seraph Group, agrowing global investment Micro VC Fund (Super Angel fund). In her role as partner and active. Investor, Inessa Obenhuber assists Seraph in identifying start-up companies that stand to benefit from the expertise and guidance of Seraph’s 170 members as the companies expand and grow. The firm seeks out burgeoning companies with exceptionally promising products and commits anywhere from $50,000 to $2 million in funding. Inessa is an Angel Investor at Astia Angels, a seed and early stage investment group with focus in companies with gender balanced teams. She also co-founded Kiventures, a company that assists U.S. and Russian companies with establishing operations and outsourcing of technology development of products in emerging markets.

A super-connected angel investor Ms. Obenhuber helps her portfolio companies spearhead strategic relationships with industry-leading corporations. She invested in more than 30companies: Tukaroo(acquired by Ask Jeeves), Front Bridge Technologies (acquired by Microsoft), Droplet Technologies (Acquired by Vivox), Silver Tail Systems (acquired by EMC), Clean Filtration Technologies (Acquired by Dow Chemicals), Icon Aircraft, PBworks, Life Vantage (went public in 2005), BrightIt (acquired by Imagination Technologies), Life 360, iSpionage, nVision, Silicon Pipe (acquired by TPL) and more.

In addition to her advisory role with Intrabond Capital (Global governance firm) Ms. Obenhuber advisory work includes: Astia (a global not-for- profit for women entrepreneurs); Watermark ( non-profit community of executive women); Percipo (Artificial Intelligence software for consumers and enterprise applications), Socxs (‘Rally Network™’ for Nonprofits, a sophisticated social exchange platform).

Inessa Obenhuber is an Expert in the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation Innovation Center (Moscow, Russia) and also served as one of the founding members of the Russian Language edition of PC Magazine in Russian Language.

Noted for her technology inventions as well, Ms. Obenhuber has contributed to four U.S. patents over the course of her career.

Inessa Obenhuber maintains involvement with a wide range of philanthropic organizations, including USC Cinematic school (Ambassador for the Media Institute for Social Change), Charity: Amnesty International. Fluent in Russian she earned a Bachelor of Arts from Moscow State University of Printing Arts.
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