Mandeep Rai 

Mandeep Rai went from private banking at JP Morgan in London to a pioneering ten years of creative activism, journalism and development.

Mandeep is launching Creative Visions Global in the UK, which will use Creative Visions current programs and productions as well as introducing new partnerships to expand creative activism and social impact around the world.

She used her degree in Politics, Economics and Philosophy to report for the BBC World Service, covering the emerging markets from every angle. She travelled to up to 100 different countries, and produced documentaries, features and programs on development issues across the board; from environmentalism in Ladakh to luxury goods trafficked into China.

She then worked for Reuters Television – presenting political stories from the UN and financial news from the Nasdaq in Times Square, New York. Mandeep earned her MSc from the London School of Economics, to broaden her understanding of Development, and subsequently worked for the UN in New York, DG Enterprise at the European Commission in Brussels and Grassroots NGOs in the Himalayas, Uganda and Guatemala.

Prior to attending business school, Mandeep worked for the government of Abu Dhabi, to inform the global political economic dialogue around Islam and the Middle East. The resulting new venture – TwoFour54 – partnered with both the BBC and Reuters, and Mandeep was given the responsibility to strategize and set up the first media venture capital in the MENA region.

Now educated at London Business School, MIT and Harvard Business School, Mandeep has come full circle back to business. Equipped and ready to change the world, Mandeep has been working in the start up space both during and since her MBA, namely with Seedcamp, E-Lab (Hubspot), Mastermind Club (GLG) and The Oath Project (HBS).

She is a board advisor to Start Up Loans, a UK government backed company launched by Lord David Young and chaired by entrepreneur James Caan, with a budget of £117.5m to start over 25,000 businesses for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 in England.
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