One of the Tribe

One of the Tribe
Zoe Tryon

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    Human Rights

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  • Mission

    To inspire, educate, and awaken the peoples of indigenous and modern worlds to support one another and to work together to create a more just, sustainable, and fulfilling world.

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    Creative Visions Foundation (CVF) provides One of the Tribe with all community membership benefits and fiscal agency.

Guided by the understanding that we are all connected, part of one human tribe, that our actions impact not only ourselves but all with whom we share this earth, and that we all need to work together to truly flourish, One of the Tribe connects indigenous and modern world peoples. By sharing the best of both worlds, all of us can thrive.

One of the Tribe educates, inspires, and awakens those who want to reconnect with the wisdom of indigenous peoples, so that we may learn to live within the rhythms of the natural world no matter where we live.

Supporting and empowering tribal people to protect their lands and cultures, One of the Tribe aims to share their wisdom and be the architects of their own development.

Through the creative mediums of film, photography, books, art, and exhibitions, One of the Tribe inspires, educates, and empowers us to make our impact on our environment a positive one.

Raising awareness about destructive impacts that the developed world has upon indigenous lands and cultures, One of the Tribe supports indigenous and grassroots organizations protecting indigenous lands and cultures for this and future generations.

Having grown up in the rather tame wilds of the English countryside, Zoe Tryon, founder and project director of One of the Tribe, has always had a passion for wild places. Zoe suspected that indigenous people may have had a better idea of how to be truly happy, than we in the modern world do, and how to live in relationship with nature. Moving to some fine institutions in the UK and Australia, Zoe studied Anthropology at Manchester and Sydney Universities, but books did not satiate her quest for real knowledge. So, Zoe set off to live with indigenous peoples to learn from them. She had no idea what she would learn, but she knew she had to go.

Zoe has worked and lived with indigenous peoples in Ecuadorian Amazon and Andes since 2006, in a variety of way, and she continues to serve as an ambassador for charities Amazon watch and Fundacion Pachamama.

Inspired by wild places and indigenous peoples, Zoe hopes that even in a small way, One of the Tribe will benefit this and all future generations, flora and fauna of our world.

"If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound with mine, then let us work together." – Australian aboriginal leader Lila Watson

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