mim'delo Project

mim'delo Project
Miguel Pinheiro & Pentti Turunen

  • Issue

    Youth and Education

  • Mission

    To raise awareness, build the capacities of and engage marginalized young people living in the peri-urban areas worldwide by showcasing our documentary, holding workshops and discussions, offering work placements, and encouraging collaboration in new projects.

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  • CVF Involvement

    Creative Visions Foundation (CVF) provides mim'delo Project with all community membership benefits and fiscal agency.

The mim'delo Project is a multidisciplinary event combined with an educational platform aiming to engage the world's youth in a participatory creative process to promote social change.

With effective outreach and multi-platform distribution, the documentary can produce a snowball effect with young people of the world, joining them with the youth of Mindelo through performing arts, music and audiovisual storytelling. Collectively they can help one another to address feelings of isolation, alienation and abandonment.

Mindelo is the capital city of São Vicente in Cape Verde, West Africa, which has through times been regarded a sunny island inhabited by easy-going, festive people. But today the young people are becoming increasingly marginalized because of unemployment, a widening gap between rich and poor, and the lack of alternatives. The culture and livelihood is under threat from various directions, and it is the youth who are feeling the biggest impact.

mim'delo is a revealing and uplifting documentary portrait of Mindelo, a postcolonial Creole community in cultural transition, where the young people explore their identity and problems through a participatory theatre project.

This documentary reflects the universal struggle of young people across the world, whether in Moscow, Manila, Managua, Mombasa – or Mindelo. It is a struggle to find their identity, space and voice under pressure of poverty, lack of job opportunities, crime, and drug-dependency.

Our educational tour accompanying the film will promote creativity as a strategy for youth education in the marginalized communities across the world.

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