24 Peaces

24 Peaces
Gene Jimenez

  • Issue

    Global Consciousness

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  • Mission

    To inspire people to create peace through exploring its meaning with 24 peacemakers from around the world.

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  • CVF Involvement

    Creative Visions Foundation (CVF) provided 24 Peaces with all community membership benefits and fiscal agency.

24 Peaces is an artist's journey to inspire people to create peace through exploring its meaning with twenty-four peacemakers from around the world.

With the purpose of igniting our own individual ability to create peace, the artist GENE (Gene Jimenez) is conducting a series of twenty-four conversations with both preeminent peacemakers and a cross section of "every-day people" from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Through questions such as, "What is peace?" and "What does peace mean to you?" the artist seeks to reveal that the concept of peace can mean many different things and each of us has the capacity and responsibility to nurture and affect it. Additionally, GENE is creating twenty-four paintings based on the energy and content of these conversations. His unique energetic and vivid painting style intends to portray the creative possibilities for each person to use our world as a canvas to paint peace.

A mixed-media project, 24 Peaces will be showcased as a traveling documentary film and art exhibition, as an interactive Internet portal, and as a stand-alone video program. As a registered non-profit organization, all proceeds from the project will be distributed to the participating peacemakers 24 various world-wide charitable organizations.

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