Cura Orphanage, near Nairobi, Kenya, was founded in the early 2000s, as a result of Mrs. Evelyn Mungai’s desire to improve the lives of people in her home village. 

To that end, she inspired the Nairobi Rotary, for which she was serving as President, to initiate a needs analysis which revealed that the community had been devastated by the AIDS epidemic. The Rotary Club, in consultation with Cura’s local leaders, implemented a plan to fund and build a Home for vulnerable children orphaned by the disease, and simultaneously funded and built a Clinic that would provide care not only for the Home’s children, but also for the local community.

As of 2006, Cura was struggling to support 50 orphans. Mike Eldon, Evelyn’s husband, reached out to Creative Visions Foundation, inspired by the life of his son Dan Eldon, an artist and photojournalist who had been killed in Somalia in 1993. Dan’s sister Amy, co-founder of CV, launched a fundraising campaign, and encouraged the organization to commit to helping support the Home financially. Over the years, CV has provided much-needed funds to ensure the sustainability of the Home, and Creative Visions’ volunteers have visited Cura regularly, contributing to its successes in many ways.          

 In order to give even more to the community, CV expanded its impact to include not only funding the operating expenses of the Home and Clinic, but also to supplement the primary school curriculum and resources, which meant adding a computer lab and library for community use.  

By 2010, it became clear that the community would need to have its own secondary school (high school) if it was going to provide ongoing education for all of its children. The Creative Visions team, led by Amy Eldon Turteltaub and Hayden Bixby, sprang into action to raise funds and develop partnerships that led to the construction, finalized in 2012, of Cura Secondary School, which graduated its first class of seniors in November of 2016. 

While the schools in Cura are attended by local children as well as some of Cura’s children, we also send our students to boarding and day-schools in the region, provided they are offered acceptance based on their Class 8 test scores. We are committed to providing for the best education each of our students can pursue and to supporting their transition to independent young-adult life for at least one year after graduation.
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