Rwanda Cinema Centre & Rwanda Film Institute

Eric Kabera

The Rwanda Film Institute dedicates a lot of its energy to the education of individuals in the field of filmmaking. Through our Kwetu Film School, we look to consistently breed the next generation of Rwandese filmmakers. This is an essential part of our overarching goal of the development of Rwanda culturally, economically, and communicatively through the growth of filmmaking as an industry. Although the Kwetu Film School is still in its infancy, all involved in the mentorship and the creation of the school are experienced educators. RFI had been providing filmmaking education many years previously at the Rwanda Cinema Centre. We have now evolved into a fully fledge educational institution that is an institution registered with the Ministry of Education through the Work Force Development Agency (WDA). We are currently providing a three-month certificate course in the central aspects of filmmaking. The course tuition is being provided by a variety of freelance mentors and permanent RFI staff. All who provide this tuition are experts in the particular course modules they teach. Acclaimed Rwandan filmmaker, Eric Kabera made his studies in psychology, pedagogy, and law. Motivated by the lack of human resources in audiovisual in Rwanda, Eric Kabera founded the Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) in 2001 with the intention of training and facilitating filmmaking in Rwanda.

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