Riding the Tiger Productions

Lydia Nibley

Riding The Tiger Productions is a boutique production company headed by Lydia Nibley and brings together a group of creative professionals who collaborate on film and television projects either as co-productions, or working directly for clients. Lydia gathers the right creative team for each assignment based on what is needed to move the story from concept through successful execution. The consulting team may include an editor, composer, illustrator, researcher, sound designer—whomever is needed to make the project as compelling, meaningful, and well-crafted as possible. Everyone is carefully selected, not only because they are great at what they do, but also for the passion they bring to creating artistic work that resonates with audiences. Lydia Nibley is based in Los Angeles and works wherever in the world her projects take her.

One of Riding the Tiger Productions’ Film In Her Honor enters the world where men have the power to murder family members who refuse to support their authority, and honor killings are defended by the traditional belief that “A man is like gold; when he’s dirty he can be washed clean. But a woman is like silk; she cannot be cleaned and must be destroyed.”

In Her Honor shows one man’s transformative journey from murderer to activist after facing his remorse over killing his daughter. The film explores the lives of Christian, Hindu, and Muslim men who have murdered their daughters based on cultural beliefs rooted in thousands of years of tradition, and challenges us to transform the relationship between men and women globally—one life at a time.

In Her Honor will be faithful to the facts of every story and will also use the best tools of fictional storytelling to serve the artistic goals of the film. Elements from documentary interviews with family members will be included, but as a relatively small part of the film. The audience will be immersed in the reality of what happened as it happened in a cinematic style used successfully in theatrical documentary films such as Touching The Void and Man On Wire. It also pulls the audience into the intimate psychological experience of others. The scenes of family life in In Her Honor will emphasize the kind of rich detail that brings an unfamiliar world close to the audience—as was so beautifully accomplished in the Academy Award-winning Born Into Brothels.

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