Brad Allgood

On the verge of losing the forest they depend on for survival, a new generation of Mayangna Indians leads the charge to take on the forces threatening their future. But when they encounter deadly resistance from powerful foes during patrols in their territory, they must develop new strategies to outsmart the bands of criminals before they lose their land – and possibly their own lives.

PATROL is a feature documentary film that will follow a new generation of indigenous leaders as they shoulder the responsibility of leading their tribe through a crucial moment in history. The Mayangna Indians are a small tribe who live in the Bosawas Biospere Reserve of northern Nicaragua, the third largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. A group of brave Mayangna leaders will spearhead a dangerous expedition to patrol the borders of their tribe’s territory. Their mission: to document the destruction of the forest, demarcate their territorial boundaries, and expel illegal settlers from their territory – a practice considered controversial by the Nicaraguan government.

After their harrowing adventure through the jungle, the young leaders will attempt to bring justice to those in violation of the law. They will navigate complex political and economic interests – including police, military and government complicity in the illegal activities they have documented – as well as conflict and dissent within their own community. While they attempt to safeguard the physical boundaries of their territory, they must also confront a more silent culprit: the introduction of new traditions and ways of thinking among their own people.

The film will provide an intimate look into the reality of a people at a crossroads. With their way of life in jeopardy, the Mayangnas must find strength within themselves in order to preserve their future.

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