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Sparking awareness of critical issues and igniting change through impact media, art and technology: creative activism.
Our Story
In 1990, Kathy Eldon awakened from a deep sleep with a vision. Her dream turned out to be a blueprint for an organization called Creative Visions which would “use the power of media to help people achieve their potential, for themselves and the planet.” She noted that the “Creative” hexagram should be the new organization’s logo. Kathy also drew a building with many windows that quite coincidentally resembles the building housing the Dan Eldon Center for Creative Activism and Creative Visions on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. 

She launched Creative Visions as a production company to create “media that matters.” Her first production was Lost in Africa, a film about ivory poaching. 

Following the death of her son, Dan. she and her daughter Amy launched Creative Visions as non-profit organization to celebrate “creative activists” like Dan Eldon, an artist and photojournalist killed at age 22 while covering the conflict in Somalia for Reuters News Agency.
Creative Visions Foundation
Our logo is from one of the oldest books in the world called “The I Ching,” a book renown both as a book of wisdom and as an oracle. Originating in China, the “Little Book of Changes" has been studied by millions over the past two thousand years. There are 64 readings in the book which offer guidance for the changes we face in our daily lives. The first hexagram is “The Creative,” made up of six unbroken lines which stand for the primal power “light-giving, active, strong and of the spirit.” Its essence is power and energy. And its image is heaven. 

According to the original meaning, when an individual draws the oracle, success will come from the primal depths of the universe – but only by perseverance in doing what is right. 

Read more in I Ching, also known as the "Book of Changes,” the classic translation edited by Richard Wilhelm with a foreword by Carl Jung which provided language for the description of the Oracle and “The Creative.”
  • The Dan Eldon Center for Creative Activism 
    Creative Visions headquarters is located in the Dan Eldon Center for Creative Activism, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. The Center is a hub of activity with visitors from around the world who mingle with the Creative Visions team, young “Visionaries,” (our word for interns), experienced mentors and senior advisors. Meetings are sometimes interrupted by Amy Eldon Turteltaub children, as well as an endless stream of artists, writers, filmmakers, writers of all kinds-and bewildered backpackers who wander in from the beach.
The Center includes a light-filled gallery with original artwork and journals created by Dan Eldon. With an expansive front room that offers views of whales and dolphins, a cozy living room, production facilities and free space for creative visions, the Center is a welcoming space renowned for synchronicity and serendipity. Visitors are encouraged to borrow books from the library or just take in the view from the expansive verandah.

During summer months, Creative Visions opens its doors for its famous “Sundowners,” a relaxed happening for our network of extraordinary creative activists to meet other like-minded people who believe that change is possible through inspired storytelling.


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Amy Eldon Turteltaub


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Erica Shubin

Legal Counsel 

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Megha Kadakia

Chief of Strategy
Director of Media Production

Alicia Dougherty

Director of Operations, Communications, and 
Dan Eldon Legacy

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Creative Director

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Director of Fiscal Sponsorship

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Acting Director, 
Rock Your World

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Managing Director, 
Creative Visions Global

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Program Coordinator, 
Rock Your World

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Impact Media Coordinator

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Graphic Designer

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Associate Media Producer

Board of Directors 
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